Playstation 3 Move Motion Controller

  • Playstation 3 Move Motion Controller
  • Playstation 3 Move Motion Controller
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  • Immerse yourself in addictive PS3 games with the PlayStation Move Motion Controller. The keystone of the PlayStation Move, the motion controller, delivers a gaming experience that is second to none. It incorporates advanced motion sensors, vibration feedback, a spunky color changing sphere, and an easy to operate interface via which the controller delivers the ultra immersive gaming experience. This motion controller works with PlayStation’s patented Eye USB Camera. The motion sensors in the camera precisely track your position by mapping the location of the sensors in the controller. These high tech sensors are capable of tracking both subtle and fast movements alike. Visual feedback to the player is provided by the controller's color changing sphere, which makes use of an internal RGB LED. The controller also delivers awesome vibration feedback that is felt when you execute specific actions. DUALSHOCK 3 action buttons of the controller enable advanced gaming, minus the conventional joystick. The wireless PS3 PlayStation Move Motion Controller pairs up with your console via built in Bluetooth. This eliminates all those messy cables which might come in the way of your gameplay. It features a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that can keep the device running for hours on end. The battery can be recharged by connecting the controller to the PS3 via the included USB cable. Up to four motion controllers can be connected at once to your PS3. Move to play through virtual worlds and enjoy the experience that only PlayStation Move Motion Controller can deliver.

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