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1/12 Scale Off-Road Remote controlled Racing Motor Car Terminator
Size Specifications:‎ Length: 348mm‎ Width: 230mm Height: 115mm Wheelbase: 250mm Wheel..
Ex Tax: $108.63
KiB Self Balancing SystemmRemote Control Toys
Drive, dancing, boxing, gesture control, balance   Product includes: 1 Robot, 1 remote..
Ex Tax: $135.86
Personal Robot Roboactor
Robosapien second generation smart robot with voice control and program Designed by NASA scientists..
Ex Tax: $67.79
Smart Dog
2.4GHz Radio Control Long remote control distance Goes more than 15meters High Technology ..
Ex Tax: $67.79
Sphero Star Wars BB-8
This isn't an actual size BB-8. Despite that, it is the Droid you're looking for (that is, until you..
Ex Tax: $142.94
Surmount Extreme Radio Controlled All Terrain Stunt Vehicle Car
   Jump: up to 9 feet ,        Radio Controlled System ·&nb..
Ex Tax: $54.18
Vortox 1/18th Scale Electric RTR 4WD A959
Length: 348mm‎ Width: 230mm Height: 115mm Wheelbase: 250mm Wheelspan: 170mm Diameter of..
Ex Tax: $67.79
Wltoys A979 2.4Gh 4WD RC Monster Truck
Vehicle Length: 253mm Vehicle Width:200mm Height:115mm Wheelbase: 165mm Wheel diameter: 71mm Wh..
Ex Tax: $68.07
WLtoys Car L959 2.4G High Speed Car High Power Electic Car
Scale: 1:12 Size: 348 x 230 x 115 mm Wheel Base: 250 mm Wheelspan: 170 mm Diameter of tire: 76 m..
Ex Tax: $108.63